Reproductive Freedom

Before I Die, I.hope that every women in the world has easy and affordable access to an abortion if and when she wants it regardless of need or economic status.

End to the Good ‘Ole Boy System

Before I Die, I … want to see an end to the good ‘ole boy system.


Before I Die, I … want to inspire as many people as possible to fight for female empowerment, women’s rights and gender equality!

End to the Double Standard

Before I Die, I … would like to see women treated the same way as men when they are direct and assertive. In men, it’s a compliment. In women, it’s a criticism.

Universal healthcare

Before I Die, I … want to see universal healthcare for all!

Women in Power

Before I Die, I … want to see the first female president, and I want to see women treated equally in sports

Female President

Before I Die, I … want to see a female president of the United States, and I want young girls and women to know they can and will do anything they set their minds to.

No fear!

Before I Die, I want to see women respected on the street without fear.

Women in government

Before I Die, I … I want to see many more women serving in our government at every level. We lack the perspective brought by women, people of color, younger people with different views. Gender and racial divides cannot be bridged without. And sooner is better than later.


Before I Die, I … want to see the ship of our state set on a correct path–without its significant rightward list.

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