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This is the official website of the annual I Believe Anita Hill party, the longest recurring remembrance of the famous 1991 U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee hearings that spotlighted sexual harassment in the workplace. Twenty-eight years later, a new generation doesn’t know the history of the problems to be confronted. We bring our voices together to ensure that decades of progress in this arena will continue.

Read what I Believe Anita Hill hosts are doing to expand their mission.

Here's why this is so important.

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The AHP History Committee has collected memorabilia from previous parties to donate to the SC Political Collections (SCPC) at the USC Library. Learn more about the collection or find out how to contribute to the archive online

Forward – Not Back.

Anita Hill Celebration guests are strong, smart women - and we're energized to make a difference.  We know how to get things done, and we pledge to go Forward,  Not Back




Before I Die….

What one thing do you want to see happen before you die? Share your dreams with guests at the party. Who knows? You just might inspire yourself or others to help make it come true.

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1 month ago

I Believe Anita Hill

Anita Hill host Beth Richardson is a SCWomenLeadleadingwoman in SC. As a founder of SCWomenLead, she encourages everyone around her to move SC forward.

#engenderingdemocracy #FillthePipeline #ReducePolarizationIt's another #FoundersFriday and today we're featuring Beth Richardson, Attorney at Robinson Gray Stepp & Laffitte! ✨🙌

Why does Beth think there should be more women in leadership? She says, "A child who sees her likeness lead in the field of dreams will follow freely and do that and more."

We definitely agree with you, Beth. Thank you for your continued support of SCWomenLead! 🤗

👉Would you like to join us as a Founding Member and help underwrite a strong foundation for our South Carolina future? Click this link:

#FairVoting #FillthePipeline #SCWomenLead #SCWIL #ReducePolarization #FoundersFeature
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2 months ago

I Believe Anita Hill

9 applications were submitted to Gov. Henry McMaster at the SC Governor's Office for consideration today! What for? 🧐 Environment and conservation efforts 🌳🌅. What were some of the boards and commissions?

Water Resources Coordinating Council 💦💧
SC Conservation Bank 🌾🌴
Saltwater Recreational Fisheries Advisory Committee 🐟

50 applications have been hand-delivered so far... AND COUNTING! Lets #ClosetheGap and push for more diversity in South Carolina.

Check out how to apply here:

#SCWomenlead #SCGap #FillthePipeline
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